6&6 Mask,

The one sure way to prevent

the spread of viruses,

KF94 rated masks.

Premium masks from endless studies day and night, 6&6 MASK

Mask designed for

style and protection

Heat retention

6&6 keeps you warm from cold weather

Three-Dimensional structure

Ergonomic design minimizes the direct contact between the mask and your lips.

Nose Bridge Wire

Tight fit around the nose prevents fogging up

Air Filtration

Filtering more than 94 percent of particles with the average size of 0.4㎛ such as ultrafine dust, aerosols, and droplets

6&6 MASK,

Introducing a new generation of PPE


Special point, 1


“KF” stands for “Korea Filter”, and it is
a filtration efficiency rating given by Korea
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Filters more than 80% of 0.6μm dust.

Filters more than 94% of 0.4μm dust.Filters more than 99% of 0.4μm dust.

Special point, 2


• From designing to producing, the entire manufacturing process is made in Korea

• Every single mask is thoroughly inspected before packaging to ensure perfect quality 

• The filtration efficiency and safety of 6&6 mask has been certified with the KF94 rating

Special point, 3

3D Shaping Structure

3D shaping creates structures for the mouth and nose for a comfortable fit.

Multi special filter layers allow you to breathe easily but still blocks

the inflow of foreign substances and preventing contamination effectively.

Filtering System

4-layer structure consisting of different nanoscale fibers and

air filters effectively blocks not only viral and bacterial airborne

particles but also ultrafine dust, aerosols, and droplets.

Not become damp or humid?

Even though you can’t see it, the air you breathe can affect your health.

See what breathing and exposure to polluted air could cause.


Superior Quick Drying and Moisture Wicking

Wearing a mask every possible moment has become a part of everyday life.
High heat and humidity captured inside the mask not only gives you discomfort feeling
but also reduces the filtration efficiency of your mask.
Inner layer of 6&6 mask is made of a premium cool mesh material keeping you cool and dry
during prolonged wearing of the mask. 

Special point, 4

Comfortable Plush Ear Loop

6&6 mask has wide-width plush earloops that it helps you save your ears with a lot less ear pain,

compared to the thin and tight spandex ear bands of disposable face masks.

Special point, 5

Fit over the bridge of the nose

The nose bridge wire gives tight fit around your upper nose and cheeks that it prevents foggy glasses.

One of the high-end functional textiles (CREORA) by Hyosung,

a high-tech material manufacturer focusing on fabric

functionalities, is applied.

Our mask is made of a fabric with the SEK mark indicating

the product satisfies the certification standards for 

ntibacterial/deodorant finishing defined by Japan

Textile Evaluation Technology Council.


Use of HYUSUNG AeroSilver Fabric

Why AeroSilver Fabric ?

aerosilver is a next generation multi-functional and health-care fiber

providing moisture absorbent/fast drying function with

antimicrobial effects. This helps you avoid various harmful germs and

odor caused by germs like magic silver

A, The antimicrobial function of fabrics with the antimicrobial treatment deteriorates after long use or washing.

B, aerosilver fabric retains its antimicrobial function even after repeated washing and is also effective in sterilizing and removing odors.

aerosilver helps to reduce the growth of highly-tolerant MRSA as well as Staphylococcus and Pneumococcus in a short time


UV Protection and Far-infrared Radiation Exposure 

UV protection, 99.9%

UV-B(290~320nm) & UV-A(320~400nm) protection


Antimicrobial Effect


The antibacterial test (KSK 0693 / JTETC)

showed 99.9% antibacterial property after 18 hours.

HYOSUNG Aerosilver Tag

Only masks with the aerosilver tag is genuine.


Fast Drying & Deodorizaion

quickly absorbs and evaporates sweat and prevents odor with microbial inhibition 


The fabric of our masks quickly absorbs and evaporates sweat.

The semi-permanent evaporation / drying fuction is

a unique advantage of aerosilver.


Prevents secondary odor by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

Our mask smells fresh all day.


Reuse after washing 

This mask is washable (hand wash only).

Wear it as many times as it lasts.

aerosilver fabric retains its antimicrobial

function even after repeated washing


3Dimensional AeroSilver Mask

Wearing Image



: Precautions 

 - Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water

 - Do not iron

 - Dry in shade

 - Do not bleach

 - Do not use synthetic detergents

: Additional Information

Percentage of blending fiber

:Polyester 88% Spandex 12%

Manufacturer / Seller : Puri N  /  Panora Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea


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